Friday, June 21, 2013

The World Search Volume of the cities and the regions of www.MSN.com

For the national and regional distribution of www.MSN.com's world search volume, both Brazil and Morocco rank the first, and the next are France, Morocco and Turkey. It is doubtful that Why America is not here which is the origin of MSN service.There are many web services in America so the Americans are separated to use these services. Brazil has a large population and www.MSN.com is one of the most popular web services of the country so it takes the leading position. According to Google search the products especially for bags of Morocco are very popular on MSN web service.

As the big city or capital of the country, Sao Paulo and Ankara which all have a dense population and the economy of them mainly have some important effects on using the MSN service. The left cities of the countries which nearly can be called the biggest city are at top ten

According to Baidu search, in terms of the latest statistics of Microsoft the MSN users of Brazil have reached to 3o.5 million which takes up 11.4% of the world users. The users of MSN service in Brazil will be 37 nillion.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The bare computer of Surface RT Microsoft provided to global school is only $199.

The bare computer of Surface RT Microsoft provided to global school is only $199.

Microsoft announced today that will sell Surface RT tablets of 32 gb version to  global schools with a low price.

According to the information provided by the Microsoft,Surface RT (32 gb) face to schools sell for $199 (market retail price is $499);Surface RT (32 g) with Touch Cover's keyboard sell for $249 (market retail price is $599); Surface RT (32 g) with Type Cover's keyboard sell for $289 (market retail price is $629);

The start time from June 17, 2013 to August 31, 2013,facing China, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Britain, the United States and other countries,the schools that interested in it can send orders to SurfaceEDU@microsoft.com.

Facing multiple platforms Skype formally pushed free video message function

Skype announced to launch video message function for the main platform of the market at present on Monday, including the Windows desktop, Windows8, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry (BlackBerry) platform, and this function is free for all users.

For the users of WindowsPhone, however, Skype currently only supports receiving and browsing video information, but can't send to them. A Microsoft spokesman said: "if add Distribution Functions in
WindowPhone platform lately, then we will inform the users."

Microsoft launched video message function of beta version for most platforms in February this year,
Skype users can send up to 3 minutes of video to other users, there is no limit to the number, and all are free. These videos can received and browsed by users on any platform or equipments running on Skype.

MSN virus Microsoft put forward six principles for instant messaging security

MSN virus   Microsoft put forward six principles for instant messaging security

With the rapid popularization and instant messaging application,the number of MSN users is rapidly rising. Recent virus spread by using www.MSN.com is becoming more and more,security problem of instant messaging software is imminent.

Now there are two main types of security problems faced by MSN:

1.Some small and medium-sized websites make a profit by collecting and selling user's MSN account.

2.Hackers sent virus files automatically by using www.MSN.com , users will get poisoned after accepting to run the file.

In order to solve this problem, Microsoft MSN corporate with other three big domestic security firms Rising, jinshan, jiangmin put forward six security code, at the same time calls for users to set up the correct network security behavior, put an end to the potential security hazard of instant messaging from the source.

six security guidelines proposed by MSN
1.Don't leak MSN user's name and password in any third party or software without Microsoft certification website, do not reveal your MSN users' name and password to third party vendors or individuals.

2.Don't log in www.MSN.com of web page version in a third party website, to prevent the users' name and password being recorded and theft;

3.Log in MSN official certification site on regularly,Change your MSN password, to prevent account information being stolen;

4.Prudently using MSN plug-in without Microsoft's certification,to prevent the users' name and password being theft;

5.Ensure in the MSN Settings, open automatically file transfer virus scan option, update the virus, and go to MSN's official website to get the latest safety tips;

6.Don't receive the unexplained or suspicious files and links.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Bing Map was put in 270 TB aerial view

Microsoft's Bing Maps have been trying to compete with Google Maps. Then today Microsoft again played the trump card-to put 270 TB aerial view into Bing Maps, which broke the historical  record( A bird's eye-view Bing Maps last updated joined the 215 TB) and became the biggest single update so far.

The capacity is equal to 100,000 DVD's. Relative to the last update the update key is in America and northern Europe and Australia and Japan have a little update. Below is the Rome in Italy and other parts include Kaanapali of Hawaii, Stavanger of Norway and Tampere of Finland.

Besides above new pictures Bing Maps also increased more  indoor venue map including Sao Paulo,USA and the superstores of Minnesota,etc. So far there are more than 4,700 venue map of over 59 countries for checking.

In addition Bing Maps also join a function of Report a problem which let consumer join to improve Bing Maps.

msn "is not dead",strike back just get started

Be silent after half a year,MSN of China opened the first act of "Luxuriant transformation" took advantage of the annual MSN China fashion award activity.General manager of Microsoft MSN(China)Liu Zhenyu said,the concept of instant messaging is outdated,MSN's future business will integrate with Windows system.

MSN general manager Liu Zhenyu of China disclosed a new strategy,he said,MSN"is not dead",account will be well versed in all Microsoft platforms;Bing search has a bright future,influence index started the first shot:MSN makes strong content,system earn money by selling advertisement.

Change MSN account run through all the Microsoft platform

In November last year,MSN came out the "retire" news for the first time,In January this year,Microsoft sent emails to more than one hundred million users across the world outside China,confirmed that since March 15,it shut down MSN service other than Chinese mainland,all MSN account will be gradually migrated to Skype outside China.

Although Microsoft has emphasized that MSN users in Chinese mainland will be able to use MSN as always.But MSN "gradually died" almost become the consensus of most people.

In the Interview,Liu Zhenyu admitted,the messenger are really losing in the past few months,but he stressed that,this is because Microsoft is in the layout of a plate of more big chess,"MSN will blend with win 8,MSN is not dead,MSN account just changed a name,called Microsoft account".

Liu Zhenyu said,the concept of instant messaging is outdated,what MSN need to do in the future is to integrate communication.From now on,every user should well keep their MSN ,because this will become the only Microsoft account in the future.

It is said that through the previous MSN account,users can log in all Microsoft platforms now,including Windows 8, X - box, Windows Phone and Office software,etc.
Correspondingly,all information and datas in previous MSN account,will also be synchronized to other Microsoft platforms. Microsoft account is equivalent to apple's "iTunes account",by this account you can connect any Microsoft product in your hand.

Liu Zhenyu stressed,after the integration of communications,they will be able to "smartly"  identify where the users currently are",thereby sent the information to the computer side,or mobile client.

Analysis of msn.com's search volume

We can see from the graph,in January 2004,the search volume was 44%,and since then,it grew or declined repeatedly.In February 2009,the search volume was 64%,and after that,it had a rapid growth,reached its peak in July 2009,but then declined,and from March 2010,it decreased very rapidly,and in June 2010,the search volume was 35%.After that,it declines slowly till now.
 Msn.com is most popular in Trinidad and Tobago,the second is in Jamaica with a search volume of 93,the next is in the United States with a search volume of 78,Mauritius of 48,Puerto Rico of 42.